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Similarly, Alexa uses the user’s location for mapping-related requests. In December 2018, Alexa was built into the Anki Vector and was the first major update for the Anki Vector, although Vector was released in August foxit mobile app pdf editor 2018, he is the only home robot with advanced technology. Customer Reviews, including Product Star Ratings, help customers to learn more about the product and decide whether it is the right product for them.

I supply & install a lot of home automation gear ranging from smart plugs to (eWeLink & Tuya) smart switches (mainly electrical accessories) & one thing my customers are complaining on is that you cannot set scenes. You can trigger routines but even with that it doesn’t have the facility whereas if you have a spare module in a smart switch you cannot use that to turn a smart plug on. Or you cannot use that spare module to control a light in the corridor to make it a 2 way (assuming there’s also a smart switch in the corridor too). Since all devices like smart switches & smart plugs are showing up in the I really think Alexa should add this feature of triggering other smart switches with a spare smart switch module that’s available in say the lounge smart switch. Alexa uses an address stored in the companion app when it needs a location.[83] For example, Alexa uses the user’s location to respond to requests for nearby restaurants or stores.

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