Tips for Running a Successful Board Meeting

If it’s in person or virtual, running successful board meetings requires careful planning and attention to detail. It’s essential to create an environment that fosters healthy debate and ingenuity.

The board chair (typically the president or community association manager) should be the one to preside over the board meetings. Each member of the board should be given the opportunity to express their opinion or to ask questions or to raise concerns. Then, they should vote on the topic. This will help avoid confusion later on about the items that were discussed, voted on and ratified within the boardroom.

Define the ultimate purpose of each item

Include an explanation of the purpose of each item on the agenda. This will help avoid confusion or the waste of time. It’s also useful to include a checkbox for every item to indicate whether it’s intended to provide information, inform or arrive at a decision.

Do not make a snap decision

Many boards feel that they need to make decisions fast to please homeowners who are unhappy or avoid the need to deal with an issue that could go away on its own however, this will set back your board and community. Rushing decisions are often poorly executed and lack the advice of experts.

At a minimum, once a year Consider evaluating your meetings

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